Kaitlin Brennan Shaw

Hearing Instrument Specialist

It was clear to Kaitlin at a very young age that she wanted to spend her life being of service to her community. She comes from a family who has dedicated their life to serving others, with her mother working as an oncology nurse, and her father a police officer and Vietnam vet. She always found the work they did inspiring, and she wanted to find a way to follow their example. In 2010, with her passion for helping others and an interest in psychology, she entered the hearing healthcare field. She was drawn to the field of audiology because it gave her the ability to greatly improve her patients’ hearing, communication, strained relationships with family and overall quality of life.

Kaitlin thinks back to her first week in hearing healthcare and the profound impact just one patient left on her. She remembers a child who was born significantly hearing impaired who had been using hearing aids since birth. At this time, the patient upgraded her technology, and she was speechless over the things she was suddenly able to hear. The patient explained she heard her dog’s nails making noise on the floor, which she had never heard before. In this moment, Kaitlin’s heart was full, and she wanted to spend the rest of her life giving every patient that very same experience.

This is what she loves most about her career: helping to reconnect patients with their loved ones and reignite their passion for activities they may have given up due to hearing difficulties. Turning on a patient’s hearing aids and seeing their eyes light up or fill with tears because they can hear again is what makes coming into work each day so rewarding – so much, in fact, that even after ten years in the industry, it hasn’t gotten “old”.

Kaitlin joins our team with over ten years of experience. Licensed by the State Board of New Jersey in 2018 as a hearing instrument specialist, Kaitlin has extensive clinical experience. She specializes in the testing of hearing and the fitting of hearing aids. She prides herself on continuing her education and attending several trainings throughout the year to keep up with industry updates. Her focus is to educate her patients and community about hearing loss and how hearing instruments can restore that loss.

When she is not helping people hear the world again, she enjoys spending time with her husband Justin, and their two dogs, Bucky & Cooper. Kaitlin loves to travel, especially to Aruba! When she can’t make the international trip, she enjoys weekends at the Jersey Shore.