Use Health Benefits and FSA Funds to Your Advantage

Kubick and Kubick Inc. is proud to work with select plans from the following insurance companies: United Health Care, Oxford, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Medicare.

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For your convenience, Kubick and Kubick Inc. accepts cash, checks, debit and credit cards. We also accept payments through CareCredit and Wells Fargo to cover larger purchases, such as hearing aids. Please call our office for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Medicare pay for my hearing care needs?
Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) will cover the diagnostic hearing and balance exams only if your primary care physician orders these tests based on symptoms, conditions, or complaints that would require medical treatment. Medicare does not currently cover regular hearing exams or treatment, including hearing aids or exams for fitting hearing aids.
Will Medicaid pay for my hearing care needs?
States must provide benefits to adults and children under the age of 21. This includes appropriate screenings, diagnostics, and medically necessary treatments—including hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, and related services. Coverage beyond the age of 21 is based on state regulations. Patients are encouraged to pursue information regarding their state’s coverage, which can be found on their state’s website.