The NEW Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aid

Starkey’s Livio AI is the world’s first “Healthable” hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. The Livio AI is equipped to provide both superior sound quality and the ability for patients to track their brain and body health conveniently on their smartphones.

Some of the unique benefits the Starkey Livio AI provides include:

  1. 50% background noise-reduction: Less background noise means you are better able to focus on the sounds and words you do want to hear.
  2. Natural and clear sound: Provides as close to natural listening and hearing sound experience as is available.
  3. Overall health and wellness tracking through the ThriveTM app: Never before has a hearing aid been able to track aspects of your health beyond hearing. You will be more in tune with your body and health than before. This gives you the ability to set body- and brain-health related goals while staying motivated to reach them.
  4. Fall detection with inertial sensors inside the hearing aid: Hearing and balance go hand-in-hand. Fall detection sensors give you and your family peace of mind.
  5. Integration of physical activity data with Apple Health and Google Fit apps: Will track your steps effortlessly through the hearing device that you already wear.
  6. Integrated language translation: Can translate up to 27 different languages in real time. Simply speak into the Thrive app and it will translate speech and display it in the language you select.
  7. Artificial intelligence: Mimics human intelligence and is able to improve according to the individual wearing the hearing aid.
  8. Personalized control of sound adjustments and programs: This allows for an increase of sound not already at maximum, giving a desired and needed increase in loudness.
  9. Hands-free streaming of phone calls, music, media, TV, Amazon Alexa, etc.: New technology provides consistent streaming that you can easily connect to and count on.

For those wondering how to improve their overall well-being, the Starkey Livio AI is the answer. It is more than a hearing aid — it is a device that will truly revolutionize the way you hear, while helping you balance and keep track of other important aspects of your health.


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