Starkey’s Muse iQ Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Technologies has reinvented the rechargeable battery for their Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids. This new and improved option is powered with a lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 30 hours of sound, has improved directionality, lasts 20 percent longer, is 30 percent smaller, and 100 percent easy to use.

But what really makes this device shine is its charging cradle, which doubles as a case for the devices. The case is equipped with an integrated battery, giving it the option to be wireless — meaning you can charge your hearing aids anywhere, at any time. After three full wireless uses, the case will need to be plugged into a wall outlet to recharge.

Starkey’s Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids adhere magnetically to the case while they charge. For those struggling with vision impairment or poor manual dexterity, this is a real blessing. No more worrying about fitting the battery into a little drawer or dropping and losing it. Simply stick the devices onto the magnet and close the case! Once removed from the case, the devices will automatically turn on.

The Muse iQ Rechargeable is complete with the best technology from Starkey: fully equipped with directional microphones, customizable tinnitus relief, feedback cancellation, and NanoShield coating to protect the device from water, wax, and moisture.

The Muse iQ Rechargeable is one of the most user-friendly hearing aids ever created. But don’t take our word for it — schedule an appointment and you can try these hearing aids yourself for up to 60-days, completely risk-free.

– Written by Janna Palmer