Buying Hearing Aids Online

It’s 2018, and we buy an inordinate number of things online: clothing, food, books, car tires, etc. If you can dream it, you can probably buy it online. If we can buy virtually anything with the click of a mouse from our own home for, at times, a cheaper cost, why not do the same with hearing aids? What’s the big deal? Why shouldn’t I buy my hearing aids online?

Here are 3 reasons why we at Kubick and Kubick would never recommend doing that:

  • Not a Custom Fit
    If you buy your hearing aids online, you will not get a custom-fit product. The hearing aid that you receive will not be tailored for your unique ear shape and hearing loss, which will result in frustration with the device and a high likelihood of not wearing the hearing aids. How will you know if you are even putting them in correctly?
  • No Support or Service
    When you buy a hearing aid online, the vendor will not have the capability to personally meet with you and adjust your aids or speak with you about concerns and issues that arise. The hearing aids will need to be mailed back and forth for adjustments, which can result in long waiting periods between adjustments.
  • Confusing
    There are countless manufacturers and hearing aids on the market today — how are you supposed to wade through the market and find the right fit? Hearing aids are not, “one size fits all”. A hearing aid is not a simple device that merely amplifies sound, it is a complex medical device that is fit and adjusted based on many factors.

When you buy your hearing aids online, you run the high and pricey risk of purchasing devices that will not meet your needs and will most likely end up collecting dust in your drawer. Most importantly, with something as vital as hearing, don’t cut yourself short — make an investment that will improve your communication, your relationships, and your life.

At Kubick and Kubick Inc. our hearing professionals will:

  • Custom Fit
    We take into consideration the different manufacturers and features of a hearing aid —including a person’s unique ear shape, listening needs, and individual hearing loss — to come up with a comprehensive solution that is customized to you.
  • Give Support and Weekly Service
    We pride ourselves on the attentive service and support that we give all of our patients. We follow up after the initial fit with a phone call and weekly adjustments until all of the patients listening needs are met. After that, we see our patients quarterly to ensure the devices are clean and operating at full capacity. Hearing tests are performed annually, to monitor your hearing and recalibrate your devices, should there be any change.
  • Roadmap for Success
    We give our patients a roadmap of what to expect and why in their hearing journey so there is absolutely no confusion. We work closely with each of our patients to ensure their listening needs have been met and improved.

Through our multi-tiered process, we are fully committed to working with our patients to help them hear better in different listening situations and environments.

– Written by Janna Palmer