The Story of Kubick & Kubick

Kubick and Kubick Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned business that has been a part of the community for more than 75 years. What started off as a humble optician’s office in the Oranges, operated by Jack Kubick, steadily evolved into a thriving twofold passion that would grow to include hearing; we’re all eyes and ears!

Jack Kubick’s son, Robert, always had one hand in the family business growing up. He vividly remembers cutting glasses with his father on late Saturday afternoons and setting up the big blue Zenith hearing screener. Robert eventually bought the practice from his 55-year-old father, who became a snowbird and spent his winters under the warm sun in Florida. He always came back in May, however, to work side by side with his son from 9am–9pm, six days a week.

In the 1970s, not long after buying the practice, Robert moved the clinic to a quaint house in the heart of Millburn. As patients got older, they went from purchasing glasses to getting fit with hearing aids. Kubick and Kubick Inc. became a recognized and trusted name in the surrounding areas.

Robert retired in 2012, after having sold the practice to his son, Christian, in 2007 — the third generation of Kubick to own the family business. Said Christian, “I knew three things: that I wanted to work with people, I wanted to solve problems, and I wanted to work with technology.”

Both Robert and Christian have a unique perspective as hearing care professionals: Marianne Kubick, Robert’s wife and Christian’s mother, was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss in her early 30s. Says Marianne, “I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 45 years now. I couldn’t imagine life without them. I wish others would understand that — you can’t wear them only on special occasions; they need to become a part of you. My quality of life would have been very poor. I would have been isolated from my family.”

When Christian was young, he would get very frustrated with his mom. “I thought she wasn’t listening to me. As I got older, I understood she couldn’t hear me. It turned my frustration into compassion. I have that same deep compassion for all of my patients.”

Christian’s hope for those struggling with hearing loss is that they continue to dream — to dream of effortless conversations at restaurants, of living a life where hearing loss doesn’t hold them back from anything. “My mother’s hearing loss could have easily dictated what she was able to do in life,” says Christian. “But she didn’t allow that to happen. She got the help she needed and moved forward with a fruitful life. That’s what I want for my patients.”

At Kubick & Kubick, we have created a culture of listening and understanding. Our vision has always been to serve and improve the lives of every patient we meet. Much has changed since we first opened our doors 75 years ago, but one thing has stayed the same. Says Robert, “I don’t care how things change, the human element is still there.”

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