Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ears that happens either intermittently or continually. Most people suffering with Tinnitus are not receiving adequate treatment to manage their symptoms. While there is currently no cure for Tinnitus, there are management options.
Speak up about Tinnitus and help bring awareness to the condition. With awareness, comes more treatment and management options. Don’t you keep silent—because Tinnitus never does.
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A recent JAMA Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery study, published online July 21, indicated that tinnitus affects nearly 10% of the US adult population, and more than half of individuals with tinnitus do not discuss it with their doctor.

According to the researchers, of those experiencing tinnitus, 36% reported nearly constant tinnitus, 15% had noticeable symptoms at least once per day, and 14.6% had noticeable tinnitus once per week. Bedtime seemed particularly problematic, as 38.4% of respondents said tinnitus was noticeable in the evening. Additionally, the subjective severity reported by respondents was notable, as 7.2% believed their tinnitus was a “big or very big” problem, 20.2% believed it was a “moderate” problem, and 41.6% reported it was a “small” problem.

“This study shines light on tinnitus as a major public health concern, and with awareness comes more critical investigation and better management recommendations from doctors on the front-line of care,” says Jennifer Gans, PsyD, a UC-San Francisco clinical psychologist and founder of MindfulTinnitusRelief. “While we cannot look, at this time, to a pill or operation to ‘cure’ tinnitus, there are multiple effective management tools to help shift tinnitus from the ‘bothersome’ category into the ‘non-bothersome’ category…Mindfulness and cognitive behavioral counseling may not be as easy to administer as a pill or surgical intervention, but what we are learning is that the management of bothersome tinnitus involves changing one’s perspective.” (See Dr Gans’ article “Mindfulness Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction: Unraveling the Gordian Knot of Tinnitus” in the July 2015 Hearing Review.)

Source: The Hearing Review

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