Oticon OPN

Oticon OPNOticon Opn is a new type of hearing aid, with technology that works 50 times faster than the previous generation, allowing Oticon Opn to scan the entire soundscape before reducing the noise. Research shows us that Oticon Opn’s 360-degree sound helps your brain understand up to 30% more speech, while reducing the effort you need to listen by 20%, even in very noisy environments. Inside this open soundscape, the brain is able to shift focus from one sound to another intuitively– no matter where the sounds are coming from.

Oticon Atla 2

Oticon Atla 2Alta2’s second-generation BrainHearing™ technology gives your brain what it needs to make sense of sound for a natural and effortless hearing experience. The way in which you perceive sounds is entirely unique—you hear with your brain, not with your ears, this is why Oticon’s Alta2 is designed to match your individual sound perception and create a unique, pleasing and natural hearing experience.

Oticon Nera 2

Oticon Nera 2Nera is Oticon’s mid-level hearing device. Nera features our BrainHearing™ technology, which allows it to work in harmony with your brain, instinctively adjusting and optimizing sound. With a Nera2 customized for you, you will enjoy further enhanced sound quality and an even better listening experience.

Oticon Ria 2

Oticon Ria 2

Ria provides all the basics you need for better hearing. Ria also features our BrainHearing™ technology, as well as excellent sound quality and options for personalization that let you enjoy better hearing, even in noisy situations.

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