At Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center, we are passionate about your hearing. Our goal is to provide you with an individual program suited to your auditory needs. We understand the struggle and challenges related to hearing loss. With our expertise and understanding, and your active participation, we will guarantee that you will improve the quality of your life. Many customers are surprised at the immediate benefits after just one trip to the audiologist. NJ residents can depend on our hearing center for much-needed information on how to keep your ears functioning well. Our state-of-the-art testing and fitting equipment allows us to provide you with an extensive line of digital products that have been proven to be the leading edge of hearing technology. Today’s products are designed to make telephone communication clear and static-free. They remove feedback and automatically adjust to different situations in your environment. With the help of this advanced, new equipment and a skilled New Jersey audiologist, you’ll barely even notice you’re using hearing aids.


We provide the best available hearing technology on the market today. We offer hearing aids from the following manufacturers:

WIDEX high definition hearing

Our Services:

  • Hearing Test & Evaluation
  • Custom Molds
  • Swim Molds
  • Repairs & Cleaning
  • Warranty Availability
  • Tinnitus Specialists
  • 30-Day Trials
  • All Insurances Accepted
  • Bragi Dash Pro

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