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Are you looking for more hearing loss information? Essex County, NJ, adults and children come to Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center to discover which hearing aid devices will help them restore their ability to hear. As a family-owned business in our 3rd generation, we have provided the Northern New Jersey community with over 60 years of service. Located in Millburn, our offices are equipped with the latest technology so that we can accurately assess your needs and finely tune devices that provide you with the greatest benefit.

Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center

Your ears are very complex and sensitive organs that control both hearing and balance. Different parts, systems, and connections within your ear work together to receive sound waves that are transmitted to the brain, where meaning is then attached to them. Gradual hearing loss affects people of all ages, and is the third most common chronic health problem in older Americans. It affects up to 40% of people age 65 and older and up to 80% of people over 85. While hearing loss is a common problem that mostly affects the elderly, in recent years teenagers and younger adults have also begun to suffer from the condition. This has been attributed to the devices they use to listen to music, such as stereos or iPods.

Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Loss Information: Types Of Hearing Loss

  • Conductive hearing loss disrupts the mechanical transmission of sound waves through the outer and middle ear. If sound cannot be conducted into the inner ear, it cannot be heard. Sometimes ear wax might just temporarily produce this type of hearing loss, but foreign bodies, infections, and damage to the ear can also lead to conductive hearing loss.
  • Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the sensory cells in the inner ear can no longer pick up any sound to transmit to the brain. It occurs once the sensory hair cells die in the inner ear due to aging (presbycusis). The loss may be mild or severe, but it is always permanent.
  • Mixed hearing loss may happen from an infection that damages the eardrum and the trio of bones in the middle ear. The infection can spread into the inner ear where the sensorineural hearing may be affected.

Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Loss Information: Causes

  • Aging – Wear And Tear From Sounds Over The Years.
  • Loud Noises – Occupational Noise Such As Factory Work, As Well As Recreational Noise Such As Motorcycling, Listening To Loud Music, Or Shooting Firearms.
  • Heredity – Your Genes.
  • Medication – Some Antibiotics, High Doses Of Aspirin, Or Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.
  • Illness – High Fever From Meningitis.
  • Earwax, Foreign Bodies, Tumors …Etc.

Warning Signs of Hearing Loss:

  • Difficulties Understanding What People Are Saying.
  • Feeling That Your Ears Are Plugged.
  • Missing Large Parts Of Conversation In Areas That Are Noisy.
  • Difficulties Talking On The Phone.
  • Listening To The Radio And TV At A Higher Volume.

Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center

Signs in Children:

  • Child’s Poor Response To Sound As A Newborn.
  • Delays In Speech And Language Development.
  • Family History Of Hearing Loss.
  • Behavior Problems.
  • Frequent Ear Infections Or Persistent Fluid In The Middle Ear.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to visit an aid center for more hearing loss information. Essex County, NJ residents should seek assistance as soon as possible to prevent further damage. When you choose to work with the staff at our location in Millburn, NJ, you can be sure that you’re being introduced to some of the best products on the market. Visit Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center today to get professional hearing services and more personalized hearing loss information.

Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center
Kubick and Kubick Hearing Aid Center

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